Aye-Aye, charcoal and ink, 2023
Young girl, charcoal and pastels, 2023
Riot, charcoal and conté, 2023
Lust for Life, charcoal and conté, 2023
Williams Street, Henderson, NC, soft pastels, 2022
“Corbitt Motor Trucks” 2022, acrylic and ink on butter yellow art paper. Inspired by an advertisement for the Corbitt Motor Trucks of Henderson, NC, circa 1915
Henderson Fire Department #2, soft pastels, 2022
Appetite for Construction, digital from pen and ink, 2021
Raleigh Mac, digital from pen and ink, 2018
DURM., digital from pen and ink, 2020
Grateful Durham, digital from pen and ink, 2018
Harley, pen and ink, 2021
Mary, 1962, soft pastels, 2018
Henderson Fire Department, soft pastels, 2021
Grey Man, white charcoal, 2020
Momo Loves Me, charcoal, 2018
Reggie, white charcoal, 2020
Raven, poured iron, 2017
Le Carré, white charcoal, 2020
Distress, charcoal, 2020
Lillian and Paloma, pen and ink, 2018
Grateful Durham Bulls, digital from pen and ink, 2021
Iron Durham, digital from pen and ink 2019
RAL E, digital from pen and ink, 2019
Revolver Bulls, pen and ink, 2018
Bulls Under the Stars, digital from charcoal, 2020
Josh, pen and ink, 2021
Weathered, white charcoal, 2020
Happy Horse, soft pastels, 2021
Skull Study, pen and ink, 2017
Duke Gardens Statue, charcoal, 2018
Major, soft pastels, 2018
Psychedelic Poster, digital from pen and ink drawing, 2021
Ash, charcoal, 2020
Marc Bull-an, digital from charcoal, 2021
Bull City Fever, digital from pen and ink, 2021
Subullime, digital from pen and ink, 2021
Durham Empire, digital from pen and ink, 2019
Space Ottersy, soft pastels, white charcoal, 2021
Mad Dog, soft pastels, 2021
Dio, white charcoal, 2020
Annie, pen and ink, 2021
Wood Nymph, soft pastels, 2019
Miles, white charcoal, 2020
Carnival, paper, masking tape, 2017
Sunshine, charcoal, 2020
Hedwig, white charcoal, 2021
Velvet Joe, conté and soft pastels, 2017
Kevin, pen and ink, 2021
Elderly, charcoal on toned paper, 2021
Crystal, pen and ink, 2021
Homage to Animal Collective, acrylic, 2021
Caroline, pastels, 2021
Russ and Diane, pen and ink, 2021
Cameron, pen and ink, 2022
Shep, soft pastels, 2022
David and Wife, charcoal, 2022
Mika, acrylic paints, 2022
Moe Howard, charcoal, 2022
Wyatt, pastels and acrylic paint, 2022

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