Zombie Dolls

Latest zombie WIP

Zombie dolls. I can’t believe I’m still making zombie dolls after about 10 years of making my first one. I’ve gone on to graduate with a fine arts degree, developed crochet sculptures, became a portrait artist and graphic designer/illustrator. Yet these little dolls persist. I engineered them because I needed a creative outlet. I say “engineered” because designing them took engineering, not just designing. My brother challenged me to make one. Here was the result:

After that, I designed the eye to fit into the socket.

Now I have my dolls for sale at a shop in Hillsborough, NC. The supply is almost gone, so I’m making a few more. They’re like Cabbage Patch Kids in that each is unique, but instead of a cute birth story, they have their own post-mortem story. My newest edition is the first to have an arm ripped out of the socket.

Damn, they might need a story for each. I have one in my head every time!

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