The Tattered Doll

Zombie Girl, acrylic yarn and fabric, 2011
Blue Flowers Zombie, acrylic yarn, cotton fabric, 2013
Bowtruckle, wire, wool yarn, 2018
Raindrops, wire and cotton thread, 2019
Twins, acrylic yarn, taffeta fabric, 2019
Grogu, acrylic yarn, found fabric, 2019
Little Frog, acrylic yarn, felt, 2013
Gravity, mixed media, 2018
Zombie Einstein, acrylic and wool yarn, 2009
The Nude, acrylic yarn, 2020
Alice, acrylic yarn, cotton fabric, 2012
Felix, acrylic yarn, 2017
Weightless, mixed media, 2018
“One”, acrylic and wool yarn, 2015
Hamilton, acrylic and wool yarn, cotton fabric, 2016
Space Invaders Scarf, acrylic yarn, 2021

“Billie”, acrylic and wool yarn, 2021